Blue Crystalline Urn

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one of a kind urn only 1 piece available
Blue Crystalline Urn

Small blue crystalline pet urnA beautiful unique one of a kind blue crystalline pottery urn. This urn is created by one of our new North Carolina artisans. The artist used 25% zinc oxide in their powder glaze. The pottery is fired at 2340F. During the firing the crystals begin to grow at the temperature for 6 hours. Each time the crystals will grow and form differently each time creating a unique one of a kind pattern. This urn measures 8" in height, 4" in width and 5" in depth. The lid does fit loosely on the urn. You can use museum wax or permanently seal with ceramic epoxy. You can clean the urn with a soft clean damp cloth to remove any dust. A special pet memorial urn for your precious pet angel.

The total urn capacity is 25cu. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

Ships with 1 to business days