Friendship Wooden Pet Urn Collection

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Friendship Pet Urn Collection. American made of maple and black walnut. Celebrate and honor the memory of your pet angel.

Maple and Black walnut wooden pet urnHandmade wooden maple and black walnut pet urnsHandmade wooden pet urns made from maple and black walnut woods. This lovely handcrafted wooden pet urn would make a special memorial for your pet angel, honoring their loyal friendship to you. The urns are finely crafted by an American artisan. The urn is available in 3 different sizes and loads from the bottom and secures safely with screws. Please make sure that you select the correct size. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight.) The urns are price individually.

Available sizes:                                                                                                                               

Keepsake size 20 cu. 5" D x 4" H

Medium size 90 cu. 7.5" D x 6" H

Large size 225 cu. 9.75" D x 8" H

Ships within 3 business days

Please email me the name of your pet angel so we can make a donation to pet rescue in their memory. If you have a question please contact me.