Green Bluebird Pet Urn ( 130 cu.)

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Urn.  Handmade Ceramic Green Pet Urn with Blue Birds.

Handmade ceramic pet urn with blue bird designIndividually made hand thrown ceramic pet urn. Glazed in a lovely green glaze with carved blue birds on the urn. A lovely detailed urn for your pet angel. This urn is made exclusively for us by by an American ceramic artist.  The urn is signed and has a small heart carved on the bottom of the piece. The heart symbolizes in my heart forever. Made with love and care for you. The urn can be sealed with epoxy glue. I also can have the top of the urn engraved please contact me directly for a quote and time element. 

130 cubic inch capacity ( 1 cu. = 1 lb. of body weight.)

Ships within 2 business days

Please email me the name of your pet angel so we can make a donation to pet rescue in their memory.