Handmade Ceramic Pet Urn in Earth Glaze

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Only one piece available
Handmade ceramic pet urn. Small size pet urn with green brown glaze with texture.  The urn has a heart carved into the bottom of this urn.

Handmade artisan ceramic pet urn.  This urn has a lovely texture and a rich glaze that reminds me of the earth. The urn is individually made by an American artisan who creates each piece for us with an amazing attention to the smallest detail. A lovely urn to celebrate and honor the memory of your beloved pet angel. The urn is signed an has a small heart carved into the bottom of it. Symbolizing in my heart forever. 1 cubic inch=1 lb. of body weight.

Cubic Capacity 40 cubic inches

Ships within 2 business days

Please email the name of your pet angel so we can make a donation to pet rescue in their memory.