Tranformation Dragonfly Pet Urn

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Handmade Dragonfly Pet Urn. A very unique alternative fired pet urn with dragonflies on both sides and on the lid of the pet urn.

This a very special and unique cremation pet urn with dragonflies. There is a dragonfly on each side with a dragonfly on the lid of this urn. The urn is combination of different alternative pottery firings. The background color is done in a horse hair process. The dragonflies have a lovely iridescent glaze on them. Dragonflies have a spiritual symbolism association with transformation and the afterlife. A very meaningful and spiritual urn for your precious fur baby. You can epoxy the lid with ceramic epoxy for a secure seal. 

The cubic capacity of the urn is 65 cu. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

Ships within 2 business days

Please email the name of your pet angel so a donation can be made to pet rescue in their memory.