Orange Cat Cremation Urn (SOLD)

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CM-orange cat urn
only one piece available
Handmade cremation cat urn with orange sculpted cat on the lid.

Handmade cremation cat urn with sleeping cat on the lid of the ash urn.This is a unique handmade porcelain cat urn made using an alternative firing technique. The artist has sculpted a resting sleeping cat by hand on the lid of this cat urn. She uses horse hair in the process to create the black lines that your see in the urn. This would be a beautiful urn for a orange cat angel. The urn can be sealed using ceramic epoxy. We currently have only one urn in stock.

Cubic Capacity of 40 cu. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

Ships within 2 business days

Please email me the name of your cat angel so we can make a special donation to pet rescue for you.