Horse Urns


One of the more difficult challenges I encountered when I started Spiritpet Urns was to find something hand- crafted for the horse parent. I have a dear friend that lost one of her horse's and learned from her that there is not much out there in the pet urn industry that is beautiful that will hold the full cremation ash of a horse's spirit remains.

Having always been in awe and in love with horse's since I was a child. There was something in me that wanted to find a more meaningful way of honoring these powerful, elegant and sensitive horses and ponies I searched for a solution for the horse owner that I think is a very special and meaningful.

We can now create for you a stunning horse hair memorial urn that will be made with your horse angel's tail hair.

We offer several options styles and sizes that can capture the very essence of the spirit of your horse into one of these individually works of art made with love and care that your horse angel deserves.

We also offer a beautiful hand- crafted wooden horse urn that has a urn capacity of 1100 cubic inches.

 Custom horse hair pieces will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Contact me directly so I can help you.

Call or Text me at 1 843 340 5165 or email me here on our website.

There is also a new blog article about coping with horse loss.