Custom American Paint Horse Urns

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Custom Order only
Custom American Paint Horse Keepsake Memorial Urn for ashes.

Custom hand painted American Paint Horse Keepsake Memorial Urn. This urn is a custom horse urn using photo's of your horse to create. We have photo's of sample of other custom horse urns we have created for other horse owners. We can also incorporate your horse's hair into the memorial. Each one of these horse keepsake urns is individually creates using a horse hair process. If you are interested please contact us directly so we can go over all the details. A custom horse urn takes approx. 4 to 6 weeks to complete. These urn are used as keepsake memorial and will hold only a smaller portion of your horse's spiritual remains. between 65 to 125 cubic inch capacity. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight ) We do make a larger size horse urn which can hold between 200 cubic inches to 350 cubic inches the price on the larger version is 369.00.