How Would You Cope with Losing a Horse?

Posted by Mary Jane on Nov 16th 2017

“Somewhere...somewhere in time's own spaceThere must be some sweet pastured placeWhere creeks sing on and tall trees growSome Paradise where horses go.For by the love that guides my penI know great ho … read more

The History of Cremation Urns

Posted by Mary Jane on Nov 7th 2017

Cremation has a longer history than most people expect. Although some religions prefer burial over cremation, the practice of cremation existed at the dawn of human civilization. It’s becoming a pop … read more
How to Choose the Right Pet Urn Size

How to Choose the Right Pet Urn Size

Posted by Mary Jane on Oct 16th 2017

Our pets are special. As pet owners, we have such a strong and powerful connection with them throughout our lives. They are more like family members to us than pets. The emotional attachment and sen … read more

Mary Jane's Favorite Pet Movies and Books

Posted by Mary Jane on Sep 27th 2017

A good movie or an enthralling book about pets can turn a frown upside down and lift you up. If you're looking for a great movie or book that'll satisfy your animal-loving soul, here are a f … read more

5 Stages of Grief for Pet Loss

Posted by Spiritpet Urn on Sep 20th 2017

If you have ever shared a special bond with a beloved pet, grieving your loss can seem unbearable.Humans simply live longer than our furry friends. Most of us will experience the death of a pet at s … read more