Nourishing Your Labrador

Posted by Anthony Brooks on Aug 8th 2023

Nourishing Your Labrador: A Comprehensive Feeding Chart for Each Life StageLabradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and for good reasons. They are friendly, loyal, intelligent, a … read more

What is Choline Chloride and Why is it added to Dog Food?

Posted by Clara Lou on Jul 19th 2023

Choline Chloride in Dog Food: Is It Beneficial for Dogs?If you are a conscientious dog owner, you probably pay attention to the ingredients in your dog’s food. You may have noticed some unfamiliar nam … read more

Sudden Hole-Digging Behavior in Dogs:Uncovering the Mystery

Posted by Henry Kelsey on Jul 6th 2023

Sudden Hole-Digging Behavior in Dogs:Uncovering the Mystery:Have you ever walked outside to find your once-pristine garden transformed into a chaotic landscape of fresh excavations? Or perhaps you've … read more

How to care for a Dog in Cold Weather

Posted by Clara Lou on Jun 14th 2023

How to care for a Dog in Cold weatherAs the chill of winter settles in, it's not just humans who need to bundle up and prepare for the frosty days ahead. Our furry friends, too, require special care a … read more

Grief and Substance Abuse

Posted by Luis Espinoza for Boca Recovery Center on Jan 17th 2023

Grief and substance abuse are both common problems in the United States. They have many similar symptoms, but they come from different causes. Grief is usually caused by a loss of something or someone … read more