​A Pet Angel’s Worth

Posted by Mary Jane on Dec 26th 2017

Pet owners put tremendous amounts of energy, love, and dedication into the care of their pets. They are an integral part of our families, providing us with unwavering love and companionship. When we lose a pet, our whole world might feel like it's falling apart. The grieving process can consume our daily life for a long time.

At Spiritpet Urns, we try to preserve the memory of every owner’s precious pet angel. What we offer is much more than just a vessel for your pet's ashes. Our urns are crafted and handmade by highly skilled and passionate artists. These master artisans have spent a considerable amount of time studying and perfecting their craft. As a result, their creations are a result of fine-tuned skills and a respect for design. Most of these artists have dedicated their lives to understanding their craft and the materials they work with. Their efforts, if we may say, are as exceptional as what your pet angel means to you.

I personally grew up in a household with artist parents who taught me the intrinsic value of artistic creations. I knew to appreciate the energy that radiates from an artist’s work. My father, who made a living as a graphic designer, is still making hand carved wooden Santa Claus at the age of 88. Being influenced by my father, I’ve worked with a multitude of artists and managed a mixed media gallery for some years. I, too, have spent my life immersed in arts of all kinds.

When I developed Spiritpet Urns, I knew that working with expert artists was the only choice. I decided to work with artists who care about their craft and understand a pet angel’s worth. My goal was to offer beautiful, handmade urns that display and honor the love you have for your pet angel.

As a pet owner, you can spend anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $40,000 over your pet’s lifetime. Besides the vast amount of time and energy, you also invest every penny and beyond to ensure his/her well-being. When it’s time to say goodbye to your pet angel, we want to help you preserve the memory in a way that measures up to that special love. At Spiritpet Urns, we believe choosing an artisanal pet urn is the final and most worth investment you can make to honor your angel.