How to Choose the Right Pet Urn for Your Pet Angel

Sep 1st 2017


Losing your beloved pet is more difficult than it seems. Your pet may have been a loyal companion and shared many precious moments with you over the years. He or she was a part of your family and will always be. At Spiritpet Urns, we believe in honoring the memory of every pet angel with an artisan pet urn. 

Why Should You Buy a Pet Urn?

Many pet owners have opted for burying their pets in the backyard in the past. However, pet cremation is increasingly common because of our mobile lifestyle. Americans move about 11 times in their lives on average. If you bury your pets in your backyard, you will have to leave your pet angel behind if you move to another house. If you live in an urban area, cremation is also a better alternative.

You can choose to have a private cremation for your pet so the crematorium can return the ashes to you. The cremation services can deposit the ashes into an urn of your choice so you can keep it at home as a remembrance of your pet angel.   

Why Should You Choose a Handmade Pet Urn Over a Commercial Pet Urn?

There are many pet urns available for purchase at the pet crematorium or online. We highly recommend choosing a handmade pet urn over a commercial pet urn because your pet angel deserves to be honored in a beautiful way. Our pet urns are handcrafted individually by American artists with expertise and genuine care. Each custom vessel from Spiritpet Urns is special and unique, just like your pet angel. A handmade pet urn is a piece of sentimental artwork in and of itself, celebrating and cherishing the memories you’ve shared together.  Many of our customers find comfort in having a memorial art piece in their home and for their heart.

We offer one-of-a-kind pet urns in different types of pottery, including horse hair, raku, and wood.  

Horsehair Pottery Urn


Our horsehair memorial urn can incorporate the tail hairs of your beloved horse into the pottery. During the pottery process, the artist would burn the hairs on the pot’s surface under high temperature, forming unique lines and patterns on the urn.

Individual horse cremation can be very costly. If you want to honor your horse in a special way without opting for cremation, you can still create a distinctive pottery piece with its tail hair. Your horse’s very essence will be embedded in the urn itself, creating a meaningful memorial vessel.

The furs of a cat or a dog can also be used for this pottery process. They tend to create finer, more subtle lines than horse tail hairs.    

Copper Flash Raku


Raku is an ancient pottery technique originated from Japan. A raku pottery always yields unpredictable patterns and colors, which makes a raku pet urn truly one of a kind. Made in a swirl of smoke and fire, raku is a magical art form that reminds us of energy and rebirth.

Our artist creates a colorful pet urn with a special process called Copper Flash Raku. It results in an urn that has a wide range of muted colors, which sits in your home with perfect harmony and soothes your grief with its fairylike properties.

Wooden Pet Urn


Our artists use the finest woods to craft our wooden pet urns collection, such as black walnut and oak. Our wooden pet urns are crafted carefully with 120 pieces of interlocking woods. These woods speak to a protective quality, creating urns that act as a safeguard for your pet angel’s ashes.

You can choose to stain the urn with jewel-like colors, such as topaz, emerald, and sapphire. The jewel polish signifies the preciousness of your pet angel and it makes the urn aesthetically pleasing.


Choosing Spiritpet Urns to Honor Your Pet Angel

Some of these handmade pet urns can take 2 – 3 weeks from start to finish. We pride ourselves in offering the most special pet urns with artisanal craftsmanship and utmost sincerity. We truly understand and empathize with the loss of a family pet. For each order you place, we’ll make a special donation to pet rescue to commemorate your precious one. 

Pet loss can be a traumatic experience. Choosing a right pet urn for your beloved one is not the easiest task during a period of grief. If you have any questions, contact us here.