How to Choose the Right Pet Urn Size

How to Choose the Right Pet Urn Size

Posted by Mary Jane on Oct 16th 2017

Our pets are special. As pet owners, we have such a strong and powerful connection with them throughout our lives. They are more like family members to us than pets. The emotional attachment and sense of comfort we gain by owning a pet are unlike any other feeling. It goes without saying that when they pass away, it can affect us in the same way as losing a dear friend or a family. In time, we can learn to heal by remembering the amazing moments we shared with our pet angels.

After they’re gone, we can still remember our pet angels just the same. One of the best ways to cherish the moments once shared is through pet cremation. Cremating our pets captures the essence of their spirit, and choosing the right pet urn to put their spirit to rest is as important.

What better vessel to commemorate your pet angel than with a unique, handcrafted pet urn of your choice?

How to Decide on the Pet Urn Size

Sizing is something to consider when you’re choosing the right pet urn. A good rule of thumb is allowing one cubic inch of urn space for every pound of your pet angel’s weight. If you opt for a collective pet cremation instead of an individual one, you should add 10 more cubic inches to help better accommodate your pet’s ashes adequately.

Having the one-pound-per-cubic-inch guideline ensures that your pet’s remains will sit comfortably. However, it’s alright to allow extra space because you don’t need to fill up the entire urn. Some pet parents would choose an urn of up to 40 to 60 cubic inches even if their pet angels only weighed at 20 lbs.

If you would like to only retain a small amount of your pet angel’s ashes, you can also choose our keepsake-sized pet urns. These small pet urns range from 12 to 40 cubic inches and they’re suitable for a cat, small dog, or even an exotic pet.

Why You Should Choose an Artisanal Pet Urn

All our pet urns are handmade and individually crafted by an American artisan. We understand the importance of honoring your pet angels, that’s why we aim to create beautiful urns that will perfectly shelter your pet’s remains. One of our most elegant porcelain designs, the Water Lily Pet Urn, is created through a crystalline pottery method and has a capacity of 45 cubic inches. Crystalline is a very time-consuming process, yet it creates stunning crystals in the glaze, making each urn one-of-a-kind.

Craftsmanship is important to us at Spiritpet Urns. We create pet urns that pay special tribute to your angel in the most aesthetic way. We also know that it’s uneasy for you to choose the right pet urn during a period of grief, that’s why we’re here to help with any questions. If you have any questions about our designs, sizing, or pet loss resources, please feel free to contact us here.