Why Cats Provide Great Companionship

Posted by Mary Jane on Dec 30th 2017

Cats tend to have a reputation that precedes them. They generally demand less attention than dogs and they make it known that you don’t own them. And by the way, you're in their house! However, cat owners know that these purring kittens often have a wider range of personality than just sass and spunk. They can make for great cuddle buddies and kind companions as well.

Cats are ideal companions for those who want to be more hands off, because they’re independent in nature. They often enjoy their freedom but also share fair doses of love and affection with their selected humans. Many cats thrive as outdoor pets, happy to run off into the night and live their secret double life. Then, they return to your home to sleep, eat, and prepare for another shenanigan. Many indoor cats will disappear to find impressive nooks and crannies for hours. They’re usually happy with a scratching post and perhaps some toys for entertainment.

Siamese cats, for example, are known to be the most vocal while Persian's are often considered the most affectionate and social. A cat's personality can be as unique as your own, and there are many benefits to owning a loving feline pet.

Health Benefits

It’s true – having a pet is simply good for your health. Many studies have shown that owning a pet, not limited to dogs only, helps lower stress and anxiety. As a result, pet companionship lowers the risks of having a stroke or a heart attack. Pets owners are also less likely to suffer from depression.

Better Sleep

It may sound surprising, but sharing your bed with a pet could bring you better sleep. 80% of pet owners who sleep with their pet companions report feeling more at ease and therefore getting better rest. They help many people feel warm and protected in the night. Cats, especially, fidget very little in their sleep and would not interrupt your sweet dreams.

Teachers of Empathy

Cats help teach us about emotions and feelings. Some cat experts think that the way cats blink is a channel of communication which cat owners can learn and study. Through learning your cat’s communication pattern and gesture, you can understand things from a different perspective – emotions don’t always come in the form of spoken language. This personal exchange teaches cat owners empathy for others, providing a lesson that can be extended into interpersonal relationships.

No More Unwanted Rodents

Cats are natural hunters and their instincts to do so are strong. They might proudly bring you presents in the form of a dead mouse that'll make you want to squeal and run. You might not want to thank them for the favor, but you can’t deny that they’re great at keeping unwelcome rodents at bay. If you live in a suburban area, cats tend to the “house-cleaning” task with authority. Even indoor cats can help keep your dwellings clear. Usually, the smell of a cat's presence is already enough to keep rodents away.

Cats are loving and entertaining companions who don’t require constant babysitting. They make a wonderful addition to one’s family with their cute paws and lazy meows!