Golden Handmade Dog Urn

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CC-DU 10-8-21
one of a kind urn only 1 piece available
modern sculpted small dog urn

This is an individually created handmade dog urn suitable for a small dog. The artist has hand sculpted the dog on the lid of the urn. The artist's work is inspired by nature where he lives in the hills of Tennessee. He builds his vessels using a variety of techniques he has mastered over the years. Some pieces are hand built, slip cast or wheel thrown. When the vessel is bone-dry it is fired in an electric kiln at 1860 degrees. The vessel is cooled. The artist then treats the urn with copper and black patina.then the vessel is fired once again in a kiln with sawdust for 3 to 8 hours which creates the unique colors on each urn. The colors always vary and are unique to each vessel. To care for your artistic spiritual urn please just dust with a soft cloth do not use any dusting products on the piece. You can use a soft paint brush to remove any dust too. Never wash under running water. Our artist creates his urns with highest integrity and with loving care. This would urn would safely protect the spiritual remains of your dog angel. 

The dimensions of this dog urn are 7 inches in height 5" wide and 2" in depth.

The urn has a cubic capacity of 24 cu. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

The urn can be sealed using ceramic epoxy.