Precious Jewel Pet Urn Collection in Topaz

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Precious Jewel Wooden Pet Urns in Topaz. Handmade wooden pet urns available in 3 different sizes.

Handmade wooden pet urns from our precious jewel collection shown in topazHandmade pet urns made from oak. These urns have been stained a rich brown black stain called topaz. Made with finest craftsmanship by and an American Artisan. These urns load from the bottom and are safely secured with screws. Available in 3 different urn sizes. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight.) Please make sure that you select the correct size when ordering. A lovely urn for your precious pet angel. Priced individually.

Available sizes

Keepsake 20 cu. dimensions 5" D x 4" H

Medium 90 cu. dimensions 7.5 D x 6" H

Large 225 cu. dimensions 9.75" D x 8" H

Ships within 3 business days

Please make sure you email us the name of your pet angel so we can make a donation to pet rescue in their memory.