Sunflower Cremation Urn

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1 piece available Unique of of a Kind
Handmade Large Ceramic Urn with 3 large Sunflowers carved and handprinted on the one of a kind cremation urn.

This a very special handmade ceramic urn with 3 large carved and hand painted Sunflowers.  There are several different Sunflowers painted on the urn. The top of the urn can be personalized and engraved for an additional charge. This urn is unique and made with love and care.  There is small heart carved into the bottom the urn with saying in our heart forever. The urn can be sealed with epoxy ceramic. The urn has the following dimensions 8" in height, 5" in width and 7.5" in depth. A very special urn to safe guard the spiritual remains of your loved one.

The cubic capacity of 108 cu. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

Ships within 1 to 2 business days if not being engraved.