"Fields of Glory" A Unique Handmade Artisan Urn

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"Fields of Glory" A Unique Handmade Artisan Urn

"Fields of Glory" is a dramatic and artistic ceramic cremation urn. The urn is individually created by one of our newest award winning artist. We are proud to add to his work to our fine collection of funeral art urn. Our artist finds his inspiration in nature and find his own spiritual grounding in the hill of Tennessee. The urn is created first by the artist building the bisque vessel using a combination of techniques. The vessel when it is dry is then fired in a electric kiln at 1860 degrees. The vessel is treated and then fired once again in a electric kiln with saw dust that creates a one of kind pattern onto the urn.  The artist then applies hand painted details to the urn. This urn has small finely detailed flowers giving it a visually appealing appearance. The urn can be used either for a family member or a beloved family pet's ashes. It is a beautiful and unique one of a kind spiritual funeral art urn. It will safely guard the spiritual remains of your loved one and can be proudly displayed in a special place in your home to celebrate and honor your loved one. 


Dimensions of the urn are 11.25" in height, 6" wide and has a depth of 9.25"

Cubic Capacity of 170 cu. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

The urn can be sealed with ceramic epoxy glue.

Ships within 1 to 2 business days

To clean the urn use a soft cloth with no dusting products. A soft brush will also help to keep the urn free of dust. 

Do not wash under running water.