Chihuahua Dog Angel Pet Urn.

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5-24 chihuahua
Chihuahua Dog Angel Urn. Handmade ceramic small dog urn with angel wings.

Chihuahua Dog Angel Pet Urn with Angel Wings.

Handmade dog sculpture for a Chihuahua Dog. This is a hand sculpted and hand painted ceramic

dog memorial urn featuring angel wings on the back of this one of a kind pet urn.

The dog sculpture memorial has the following dimensions 7.5 inches in height and 5 inches in width.

The cubic capacity of 20 cubic inches.

( 1 cubic inch=1 lb. of body weight )

The memorial loads from the bottom of the sculpture and comes with two stoppers to seal.

This is part of a new pet angel series our philosophy has always been pets are angels in disguise.

The memorial is handmade of ceramic clay and is not made of resin like some urn you might see.

This would be a lovely and special urn for you beloved pet angel.