Dog Bone Raku Urn

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Handmade Dog Urn for Ashes. This dog urn is made in a copper raku process and features a large dog bone lid.

Copper Raku Dog Urn with Black Dog Bone LidA beautiful handmade copper raku pottery large size dog urn. This is a very beautiful handmade pottery dog urn with a black dog bone lid. The urn is very colorful and has a range of colors from, red, purples, pinks and blues. It is large and has the following dimensions 9.5 in height, 6" in width and 6" in depth. If you have recently loss a large size dog this would be a lovely pet memorial urn for them. The urn is exclusively made for us by one of our very talented and gifted raku pottery artist from the mid west of the United States. The process in which it is made is called copper raku processes. Each urn will come out differently every time. The colors are very vivid and remind me of cosmic explosion. The urn you will receive is the piece in the photo's. We currently only have one piece in stock. A unique one of a kind cremation pet dog urn. 


The total cubic capacity of the urn is 65 cu. inches (1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight)

Ships within 1 to 2 business days