Imperial Raku Urn

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Imperial a handmade cremation memorial urn in black, brown and white with gold accents. Cubic capacity of 150 cubic inches.

Tall Handmade Raku Cremation Urn for AshesImperial is a stately, majestic, elegant and impressive handmade cremation urn. It measures 15" in height. It is individually made by our newest artist from Tennessee. It is suitable for human or for a pet ashes. The artist fires the urn in saw dust from 3 to 8 hours that creates the back round colors in the brown and white. He hand paints the finer details by hand. Creating a unique memorial urn. This is a beautiful created one of a kind memorial urn that would be a wonderful memorial urn for your loved one. The urn can be sealed with ceramic epoxy. To clean just use a soft cloth. Do not wash under running water or use dusting products with chemicals. The urn has the following measurements 15" in height, 4.25 in width and a depth of 10".


The urn has a cubic capacity of 150 cubic inches. ( 1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight )

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