Medium Rainbow Raku Dog Urn

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Raku Copper Dog Urn with black asian lid. Medium size pet urn.

A beautiful handmade ceramic raku dog urn with amazing colors and dramatic sealable lid. This urn is handmade using a copper firing raku process. When the piece is fired with combustible materials such as saw dust, newspaper it creates very vivid colors onto the vessel. The pattern and colors never come out the same. This urn has blues, pinks, rmagenta, reds and purple colors. This is a new size for us which is smaller then our other Rainbow Copper Raku Urn. The urn has the following dimensions 9.5" in height, 7" in width and 6 " in depth. A very special urn for you pet angel. The lid on this urn can be sealed with silicon epoxy if you wish a permanent seal on the urn. The urn in the pictures is the piece that you will receive when ordering this memorial dog urn.


The cubic capacity of this urn is 75 cubic inches ( 1 cubic inch= 1 lb. of body weight )

Ships within 1 to 2 business days.

If you have a question feel free to contact me before ordering.