Rainbow Raku Pet Urn out of stock

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BJ 4 raku 2
2 piece available colors of raku pottery are different on each urn.
Rainbow Raku Pet Urn #4. An unique artisan made raku pet urn.  Individually made by master American ceramic artist. Celebrate 
the life of your beloved pet with this stunning pet urn. Sold

This is an unique one of a kind pet urn for your pet angel. The process in which this pet urn was created is called copper flash raku. The colors are formed when the urn is place with combustible materials. As the flames lick the pot magically colors form as the fire reacts with the copper matte glaze. Celebrate the memory of your cherished pet with this rainbow colored urn. Made in the USA by a master artisan out of ceramic materials. The piece in the main photo will be the piece that will be shipped out to you. The top can be sealed with ceramic epoxy.  This a very stunning and dramatic artistic urn for your beloved pet. We currently have 2 pieces available in this styling I would be happy to send you pictures of both pieces. That way you can select the piece that you like best for your angel.

Cubic capacity of 150 cubic inches  (1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight) suitable for a pet weighing up to 150 lbs.

Ships within 3 business days.

Please make sure that you email the name of your pet angel so a donation to pet rescue can be made in their memory. If you have any questions please contact me @ 1-843-340-5165