Hand carved and painted folk art Red Santa (Sold)

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Custom orders only 4 to 6 werks
Individual hand carved red Santa by artist Bob Smith. The Santa has a removable bird and tree. Height on base of the Santa is 8.25"

This is the newest hand carved wooden Santa Claus by artist Bob Smith. The wooden Santa is carved by hand and painted by hand. The hand painted bird and tree are all removable pieces. It takes him more than 10 hours to complete one.  His work is is highly prized by Santa collectors in the United Sates. His work is very distinctive and a lot of extra detail is added to each of one of his individually carved pieces. The Santa stands on a base that is removable as well.  The Santa's height on the base at the tallest height is 8.5 inches.  The width is 4 inches and the depth is 3.5 inches.  

Custom orders only 4 weeks

Ships within 2 business days