Beach Sand Ceramic Pet Urn

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Only one piece available
Beach Sand handmade ceramic spiritual pet urn. Made individually by a master American ceramic artist. Cross is not part of the urn but just a keepsake charm added for display. 80 cubic inches.

Extra large textured beige ceramic dog urnBeach Sand is a handmade ceramic pet urn made by one of our American Artisans. The glaze reminds me of beach sand it has rich depth of color in the glaze. This urn has a lovely texture and I love the detail on the lid of this piece. It would be so easy to add a keepsake charm. You could make the keepsake using your pet angels dog tags and add a few meaningful charms. I made one for a different urn I have sold see the photo to be inspired. The artist has signed the urn and carved a small heart into the bottom for us. The heart symbolizes in my heart forever. I also attached a picture of the urn with a decorative cross. This would be a lovely spiritual urn for your precious pet angel. The top can be secured with ceramic epoxy. If you would like to have it personalized with your pets name it can be done by sandblasting engraving. It will take a few extra days to get it done and there would be an extra charge. My suggestion would be to do it on the top of the urn.

The urn capacity of is 80 cubic inches.  1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of body weight

We only have this one piece so don't hesitate to purchase if you love it for your angel.

Please remember to include you pet angels name so we can make a special donation to pet rescue in loving memory. The donation will include a copy of Rainbow Bridge Poem.

The urn will ship within 2 business days unless it is being engraved. I believe in communication so I will follow up with all the details to you.  Thank you for the opportunity to help you.